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All started in a small place in Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte, 3 decades ago, when a young ambitious entrepreneur, Asanka Samaraweera embarked on a journey that would shape the future of food manufacturing. At that time, Asanka samaraweera was working at an exporting company managed by a couple who operated a small-scale manufacturing facility.
Inspired by their work, he saw an opportunity to explore his own culinary skills and venture into the world of food manufacturing. With the guidance and support of the couple, Asanka samaraweera started running his own kitchen, experimenting with flavors, and pushing the boundaries of traditional recipes. He dedicated countless hours to perfecting his craft, learning from his experiences, and seeking innovative ways to create unique and delicious food products.

His commitment to excellence and his drive to provide high-quality food commodities caught the attention of others in the industry. He began supplying food products as an indirect exporter, making his mark in the local and international markets.

As the company grew, it gained recognition for its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. His relentless pursuit of excellence led to the expansion of the company’s product range, which now included a diverse array of culinary delights, snacks, spices, and ready-to-eat meals.

With each passing year, the company’s reputation soared, and its products gained popularity both locally and internationally. Asanka Samaraweera’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices further solidified the company’s position as a leader in the food manufacturing industry.

K.L. Chaminda Perera, a respected business entrepreneur in the field of food commodities, has made a significant impact on the Sri Lankan market. He hails from a family with a strong business background, as his late father, Mr. K. Nelson Perera, laid the foundation for the food commodities business in 1972 in Pettah, the bustling business district of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

Mr. K. Nelson Perera worked diligently to develop and expand the business, passing on his knowledge and experience to Chaminda Perera and his teenage cousin. He, along with his cousin, embraced the responsibility and worked tirelessly to grow and diversify the business over the past 25 years, establishing a prominent market presence in the food commodity sector in Sri Lanka.

His entrepreneurial journey did not confine itself to the borders of Sri Lanka alone. He ventured into the Australian food commodity export sector, recognizing the opportunities it presented. To facilitate this expansion, he incorporated the business entity known as Nelson Grain Aus Pty Ltd in Australia.

Through Nelson Grain Aus Pty Ltd, Chaminda Perera imports pulses grown in South Australia, catering to the demand for high-quality food commodities in Sri Lanka. This strategic move allowed him to diversify his business operations and further contribute to the food commodity trade between Australia and Sri Lanka.

Indeed, the journeys of Asanka Samaraweera and Chaminda Perera were rooted in the food commodity industry, and it was in this industry that they crossed paths. Initially, they were operating independently, with Asanka Samaraweera running his own kitchen and supplying food commodities as an indirect exporter, while Chaminda Perera managed his family’s food commodity business and established a substantial market presence in Sri Lanka.

Through their collaboration and the establishment of CAFEX Exports Pvt Ltd, Asanka Samaraweera and Chaminda Perera were able to create a business that not only showcased their individual talents but also harnessed the power of their collective expertise. The company’s growth and achievements are a testament to their strategic partnership, dedication, and ability to recognize and seize opportunities in the food commodity industry.

Through their respective experiences in the industry, both Asanka Samaraweera and Chaminda Perera recognized the potential of collaborating and leveraging their strengths to build a successful business. They saw the value in joining forces, pooling their knowledge, strategies, and networks of contacts to create something greater than what they could achieve individually.

With Chaminda Perera’s expertise and understanding of the market, CAFEX Exports Pvt Ltd was able to navigate the industry landscape more effectively, identifying opportunities for growth, forging new partnerships, and expanding its reach. His strategic insights and business acumen complemented Asanka Samaraweera’s culinary expertise and passion for creating exceptional food products.

Together, they capitalized on their individual strengths and shared vision to drive the growth and success of CAFEX Exports Pvt Ltd. They built a company that prioritized customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation, enabling them to stand out in the competitive food commodity market.


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